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bn malpasos

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

– Pablo Picasso

The Malpaso Series grew out of my desire to give material form to the beautiful, fun, and colorful creatures inside my head. Each of my pieces has a story to tell; some are fictional, some are factual, but all share a little bit of my essence.

My ceramics are crafted with love by Colombian hands in a small pottery studio in Hoboken, right across the river from NYC. Combining the colors and forms of the tropics with New York’s exhilarating, shape-shifting character, every Malpaso piece is surprisingly vibrant, evocative, yet friendly—and will definitely make you smile.

So drop a note, take a peek, and talk to the characters I’ve created. They’re here to listen. They’re here for you.

IMG 0284

Maribel Eugenia Malpaso

Maribel Eugenia lives in Islas del Rosario, Colombia. Her best friend & muse is a mermaid named La Topo Chico.


IMG 0277

Floralia Pasofino Malpaso

Floralia is the life of the party. Best dressed in Vogue magazine five years in a row. Heiress of the Malpaso & Pasofino fortune. Never married and probably never will.


IMG 0279

Andrea Malpaso in Miami

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia but dreamt about living in Miami all her life. Her dream became a reality when she landed the job of her dreams as Marc Jacobs’ muse. In Miami she met Maluma and rumor has it he wrote “Hawaii” for her…

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IMG 8693 1

Rosaura Antonina Malpaso

Duchess of The Chocolate Empire. Half Unicorn, half Mermaid.

Married to herself. In love with a Minotaur. Best friends with Aphrodite.

IMG 8370

Lady Bunny Goes to Barranquilla

She laughed, she sweated and danced as if there was no tomorrow. She fell in love.

Now she is planning on moving to Colombia permanently. I don’t blame her.

IMG 8665

Carmelina Malpaso

Monsiuer Pierre’s wife…for now. Let’s see how long that lasts!

Carmelina owns a pastry shop on Broadway. Her specialty: Panacotta de Bocadillo.


Duchess Georgina Malpaso

Married to the Duke but secretly in love with the pool boy. #iwantapoolboy

Inspired by the beautiful Duchess Georgina Spencer. My fashion heroine.

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Mirabela Carabalí Malpaso

Monsieur Pierre met her while vacationing in Quibdó, Colombia many years ago.

They became penpal lovers for over 20 years but never met personally.

IMG 7366

Emilie Cygne Malpaso

The chicest of The Malpaso Family. Or so she thinks.

Emilie owns a hat store in Le Marias in Paris. Her grandma was BFF with Coco Chanel.

IMG 5972

Ernestina la Soñadora

Ernestina hopelessly dreams of a better world. Don’t we all?

Her Guardian Angel Rigoberto never ceases to protect her.

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Pipoca Pipulais Malpaso

Descendiente directa de los Pipulais de Macondo…

De los que cosechaban café y tomaban aguardiente desde las diez de la mañana.

IMG 4138

Lady Bunny Malpaso

The most scandalous of the Malpaso Family.

This beautiful drag queen stole Nacho’s heart with her pompous wig, deep blue eyes, and outrageous personality.

IMG 3538

Escolástica de las Mercedes

The -not- starving actress of the family.

She is the main star of the Oscar winning phenomenon “City of Dreams” starting Nimi Spaghetti & Vote for Pedro.

IMG 2920

Le Malpaso Twins II

Luna and Estrella future leaders, game changers, innovators, and love warriors.

What do you want to do when you grow up? #whorulestheworld

IMG 8154

Queen Elizabeta Malpaso II

All hail the queen! #mireina

Meet your majesty Queen Elizabeta II of Hell’s Kitchen, the more majestic addition to the Malpaso Family.


Star Monterrey Malpaso

Star lives in Macondo, Colombia where she teaches English to the Buendía family.

Along with La Doña, Star owns a five star boutique hotel in Paris. #myfantasy

IMG 3153

La Doña Malpaso Buendía

Direct heiress of Mr. Aureliano Buendía. Art & Music lover.

Lately she has been seen in bars and public events with an unidentified man.

IMG 3192

Maria Soledad del Perpetuo Socorro

She grew up in a convent in San Juan, PR where she managed to escape regularly to drink beer and kiss sailors.


IMG 3272

Marta Cecilia Ponce de León

This lovely lady just came back from Cali, Colombia after getting her lips plumped, a boob job, and a tummy tuck.


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Doña Magola Malpaso

Esta es Doña Magola. Vive en Cartagena y es dueña de un stand de flores en la galería. Se hace las cejas donde Doña Jenny y sufre de narcolepsia.  Doña Magola no speak English.

doña jenny

Doña Jenny Malpaso

Chicest than the chicest woman you know 🎀

She owns a fashion boutique in Cartagena. She also likes to drink rum.

— SOLD —

Clementine Malpaso

A hair colorist and makeup artist who works at a beauty salon in Cali, Colombia

Voted “Most Popular Girl” by her class. #tooschoolforcool


Doña Amore Malpaso

Communicates with spirits in different dimensions. Her sixth sense is so developed she can literally read your mind—so be careful with those dirty thoughts.

IMG E1221

Blanca Nieves Malpaso

She comes directly from the North Pole. Rumor has it her father is Santa Claus.

Her favorite Holiday? Christmas🎄Of course! #ilovechristmastoo

IMG 2241

Blanca Nieves Malpaso II

An Icelandic world traveler, she loves the Caribbean and reading erotic novels.

Secretly in love with Nimi Spaghetti but he has not asked her out…yet.

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Las Comadres Malpaso

Antonieta, Henrietta, & Anacleta. These three fancy ladies are going to a party…in the city of course, Antonieta refuses to cross rivers.



Cleo Isabel Malpaso

Let’s get together and make a rhyme…(so juvenile)

Cleo, Cleo. Plays the cello. Always up for eating Jell-O 🍧

— SOLD —
IMG 8315

Hansel & Gretel Malpaso

 This duo lives under the sea and owns a condo down on Shell Drive.

They are both sculptors, architects, and -like their creator- Unicorn Fantastiques.

wendy patricia sandoval

Wendy Patricia Sandoval

Born in Medellín, Colombia, she once participated in the Miss Colombia beauty pageant and was nominated in the “Most Photogenic” category, along with two other contestants, Miss Chocó and Miss Atlántico.

elena la sirena

Elena la Sirena

This is Elena la Sirena. She lives in the Bermuda Triangle and loves expensive jewelry. She won the lottery when she was 20 years old and spent it all in 5 years. Now she is desperately looking for a rich husband who can give her the life she deserves.

— SOLD —


This young girl lives in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her mom is a seamstress and her dad is a soccer player, but when Ernestina grows up she wants to be a singer.

— SOLD —
IMG E1208

Vote for Pedro

The only politician I trust.

Married to Frida but Clementine is his true soulmate, so he channels his romantic frustrations into running for office.

Nimi Spaghetti

Nimi Spaghetti

A collector of motorcycles and antique cars, Nimi is also the mayor of Tangamandapio, the small town where he was born.


Toby Bowie

Toby Bowie

Meet Toby Bowie. He likes to eat magic mushrooms. He claims he’s the illegitimate son of David Bowie but this has yet to be confirmed.
le twins

Le Malpaso Twins

Watch out for Emma and Sofia. They’re quietly hatching plans to take over the world.

Resistance is futile.

— SOLD —

Marion Malpaso

Loves the sweet plantains and arroz con gandules that her Dominican boyfriends (multiple boyfriends simultaneously?) cook for her.

Marion is known to be overly dramatic, and sometimes her hormones take over her life.

IMG 8666

Monsieur Pierre

This boat-owner sails all year long. He has a serious alcohol problem but lives in denial. Monsieur Pierre has a girl in every port, but his favorite is Blanca Nieves…and they like to smoke pot together.

IMG 1201

Frida Malpaso

Married to Vote for Pedro but they chose not to live in the same house.

Their living arrangements and their open relationship have made it to Page Six more than once.

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